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Our STorage units

We have a variety of storage's to fit any storage need..

Storage Units

  • Clean & Safe Environment
  • Wide Range Of Storage Sizes



                                   “Sizing is done in feet”

10 x 25  $65 – Can fit the size of a three-bedroom house or apartment.

10 x 20  $60 – Can fit the size of a two-bedroom house or apartment.

10 x 15  $55 – Can fit bedroom suite, couches, washer, dryer, and boxes for a small apartment.

10 x 10  $45 –  Can fit a couch, washer, dryer, entertainment center, and boxes

 Located at Hwy 1247 in Science Hill, Ky

Need extra space?

Units start out at $45 a month! Give us a call now to find out what storage best fits your needs!

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(606) 271-2801




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